Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For those of you who are cosmotologists, do you love your job?

Im seriously considering starting cosmotology school in August of next year. But I want to know the truth about how much you like your jobs. I know that in the beginning it can be stressful because your not making very much money but after you build up your clients, is money much better? And do you still get to spend plently of time with your family? It seems like hair dressers work late and on weekends? How do you make time for your kids?? If you know, how much do cosmotologists make in the Ft. Worth/Dallas area?? Sorry Im asking so many questions. I just really want to make sure Im making the right choice. Thanks alot for your time!!!

For those of you who are cosmotologists, do you love your job?

I am not a licensed cosmetologist yet because I havent sent out my papers yet but my friends are. I work at a private salon and I will tell you this from my perspective, I am a Shampoo assistant therefore I do the "dirty" work. Most start out that way. There are some clients that I talk to, ya know, like I've known them for awhile. I personally like being in the private salon that I'm in now. Its friendly, the stylists know their clients real well and they've been doing them for years, and its just comfortable. I dont have to go in wearing anything "fancy, or special," but I should maintain a nice looking attire. Some perfer a chain salon because you would get walk-ins and benefits and company parties like WOW (they do that in Hair Cuttery). In a private salon you can kinda make your own days and hours ( I guess depending where you go ), and you know your clients well so if theres a problem or your sick they'll usually understand and reschedule. My friend got her license a couple months ago and is building up her book one client at a time but she is also a shampoo girl so even when she doesnt have the money coming from clients she is making tips and earning money by shampooing. My boss is real understandable and flexible. I know the stylists at the salon I'm working at are happy. One stylist left and then a couple years after working with her husband she asked my boss if she could come back. It wasnt a problem and she got her clients back. She said she wished she hadnt done that but now she knows she'll never do that again. They were just talking the other day about how they dont know how people with 9-5 jobs do their job and then take care of kids. Those stylists had their time off to take care of the kids, and again, if your clients are fexible and understanding they'll let you do your thing and they'll schedule whatever they need on a day you'll be working. It all depends on where you go, but if you wanna find out which one is better for you... try both, private and company, salons out. Honestly, cosmetology isnt for everyone. Some like doing it when they want to, at their houses, on friends, doing whatever they want, like for fun instead of doing exactly how the client wants it. You wont know until you try it. (Sorry its so long)

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