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Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

I go to a public high school and we don't wear uniforms.

I think if we wore uniforms it would be a good idea because then people wouldnt be judged on their clothes and what they are wearing. I think it would help kids focus more on school and not what they are wearing.

For example- i admit i do like to shop and wear clothes from hollister, A%26amp;F etc and i really like them and think that they make really cute clothes. But for some people they cant afford it or dont want to wear it and some kids think less of them.

Clothes affect the way you are viewed (sometimes).

Wearing school uniforms you could still look good, by doing your hair and make-up nice. You could also put a bit of your own style by using accessories like jewlery, headbands etc.

School is a place to learn not a fashion show!

Does anyone else agree. Tell me what you think!!!

thanks!!!! =]

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

no way, no uniform would allow me to wear skinny jeans, and they are all i feel comfortable in, its taking away all the individuality, theres only so much you can do with accesories, and guys dont wear makeup so that limits us alot with our fashion choices, and if clothes affect the way you are viewed is that a bad thing, if i want to be viewed an induvidual who has a good but quirky unique sense of style, a uniform limits how i can do that, signifagantly, if you want a uniform so much, go to a private school, its a public school, how can they expect kids who go there to wear a uniform, especailly if if there are no other choices for kids in the area to go to. its not fair to people who want to look origanly and not like some loser clone in some too big polo shirt and ugly dress pants

edit: most work places do not have a uniform, only sanitation workers and nurses have actual uniforms, most places have a dress code, but so does school. and it totaly limits the amount of creativity you have, i mean, most of your classmates dont see you outside of school and you really by the time you get home (lets say 3 o clock) til the time you go to bed (lets say 10 o clock) you will be wearing your own thing, this is weekdays only, but 3-7 you might actaully be doing something, with a fried or going out, but after that its diner and television pretty much, its not long to do your creative thing.and this is probably going to limit money parents are going to put into childrens clothes, since they are wearing stupid uniforms all day, it doesnt make sense to have 5 pairs of jeans and some casual pants, it makes sense to have 2. how can your wardrobe grow in anyway when you changed the train of though, i mean you have your own money, but that want carry you indefinately for creative clothing, especailly for teens who are too young to get a job (13-15)ok well you can get a job at 15 but it will probably be pretty shitty. uniforms are ok in settings like private or catholic schools, but they shouldnt be imposed on creative iduviduals who have no choice but to go to a public school

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

yeah i agree with that but than it becomes a competition on who can accessorize the best and that can lead to the same problem

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

I've always thought it was a good idea. When I was in high school, kids would get jumped for their tennis shoes and the focus was on what people were wearing instead of the "type" of people they actually were. It would cut down on cliques and people would be judged by character not clothing. Plus, you wouldn't have to waste time in the morning trying to figure out what to wear. That was why I was always late to

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

not me i think uniforms take away from a creative world

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

I agree.

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

you are very right and a very perceptive young lady. uniforms should be mandatory in every school because fashion has become completely out of control! for those who think it stifles creativity, go paint a picture or write a poem.

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

My kids wear uniforms. In our public school district - it is uniforms until high school, then it is free dress.

Now given that the kids have choices of colors - such as navy blue pants/skirts and then either a maroon, white, or navy blue shirt (and school logo shirts) there is the opportunity to add inviduality into that. That is grade school - then in junior high they go to grey, black or khaki pants with the same colors plus dark green for shirts. When you pass the school you can see the different versions of the uniform code on the kids. All of the way down to the skinny jeans - as long as they are the right color.

It is a lot less expensive and easier to pass the clothes down to the next sibling for the parents - or to donate to the school for future needs - such as those that come in to the school district with little notice from a relocation.

Since there are no labels allowed - I think it also prohibits parents from buying the really 'showy' name brands. The label has to be removed or colored over.

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

I go to public school too, and i want uniforms because:

I'm too lazy to decide what to wear every morning

It would save time deciding what to wear every morning

It would be a good way for me to learn how to use accessories

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

Uniforms are a good idea, as long as they are all uniform.

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

well i go to a private christian high school and the administration will never make us wear uniforms because they say that we should use our own good judgement in being modest. they say that when we go out to the real world we will have to make our own decisions.

i however feel like uniforms may be a good idea. i agree that it becomes a contest of who can look the cutest, hottest, most fashionable, etc, etc....and at times its a pain trying to find something to wear at 7am.....i think uniforms would definitely be easier, but then again once we get them people would be complaining up a storm...

its like u get what u ask for and if u ask for them, they'll probly give us something purple and gold [school colors] and it'll be polyester and super while i think it would be good, so its less competion-y, on the other hand it might cause more problems in the end....

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

That's a very good point. But I'm kinda in the middle with this issue. I love fashion and I love expertimenting. I wouldn't feel right wearing the same thing as everyone else. I used to go to a Catholic school and out uniforms were cute. They skrits had royal blue, green, and yellow plain and we had gree ties and royal blue jackets with a gold cross. I think both the faculty and students should design uniforms for a school.

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

I am a sophomore in high school and I also fell like we should wear uniforms. I don't know how many times I have almost missed the bus because I couldn't decide what to wear. In the morning, I have to pick my outfits based on if I'm comfy, it looks cute, and I look hot. Uniforms would be a lot easier and less superficial. A lot of people judge others on what they wear. If we all wear the same think, you couldn't judge a book by its cover. Show your creativity by your actions not what you wear.

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

At my school we wear uniforms, and it is soooo much easier in the morning. i agree that it is a good idea because no one gets judged on their clothes, we're all the same. But on days wen we're allowed to wear normal clothes, its like a fashion show. eveyone wears their best clothes, and it turns into an even bigger competition. Another bad thing about uniforms is that not everyone can afford it. Its so Expensive!!!! A pair of ugly gray pants costs $50.00!!!!!! and the price goes up dependin on the size. A bigger size costs more than a smaller one. Another thing is that uniforms arent made for everyone. When i say this, i mean that on me the size small fits alright, length wise,. but width wise its HUGE!!!!! And uniforms are very bad looking. But thats just from a girl who has to put up with uniforms. I used to go to puublic school and wished we had uniforms because i thought it was like a competition. But now that i go to a catholic school, uniforms are very depressing. If u wear a hoodie or something over it, they make u take it off. Alot of ppl at my school truely dont follow the uniform rules, and wear different pants that are still gray, but truthfully, thats not rite. You have to wear the uniform clothes from a specific company, ours is called Mcarthys. Uniform checks are also very annoying. overall, i agree uniforms are good, in a way that no one will be judged, but surprisingly ppl wear their uniforms in diff. ways, so ppl can still judge you. If u button your shirt up all the way, they will think your a nerd. anyway there are more bad things about uniforms than there are are good, so i think ur very lucky u dont have to wear them. And its an even bigger competion on those days without uniforms, opposed to the competition you may have if u dont wear them everyday. Do u no wat i mean? Anyway srry if im sayin a lot its just that uniforms are a very controversal topic. and surprisingly ppl still wear hollister and abercrombie and all that with uniforms too. they wear the zip up hoodies over them, and everyone wears hollister and abercrombie tank tops under their uniform, showing alittle bit of the top under, with the moose and seagull showing. its sooo a competition even with uniforms. So there is no stoping teens and fashion, even with uniforms. You can still tell who the preppy girls are, even though you are "technically" wearing the same thing. Alot of ppl feel left out too that they cant afford hollister and all that, even with uniforms=(

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?


School unwiforms ARE a good idea as long as they arent ugly. I had to wear one once, it was bright yellow and green/brown pants that went past your bellybutton. They were REALLY bad. So if the uniforms are cute, like this outfit below, I would love to have them at my school!



And some cute jeans and simple grey flats!

Good Luck!

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

AGREE 100%

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

I kind of agree with you, but I like the idea of students wearing whatever they want and showing their individuality.

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

I think school uniforms are a great idea. As a future parent and a former student it makes sense. As a former student I agree totally that school was nothing but a fashion show and there was definitely pressure to have the expensive label clothing. I do recall quite a few times hearing someone's non-name brand clothes referred to as wal-mart clothes and well their shoes were called bo-bos. I also feel this is why students' expensive items were stolen from the locker room.

As a future parent if school uniforms will save me having to have the debate over $200 tennis shoes, $100+ dollar jeans, and shirts that cost no less than $65 then I am all for it. It's not that I don't want to give these things to my child but I've seen parents who live off of gov't assistance and in low income housing who will sell their food stamps just to keep their kids in designer gear. Is this really the message I want to send to my child? No, it isn't.

And as you said that school only takes up a portion of the day so a child is free to wear their own clothes outside of school.

Who thinks school uniforms are a good idea?

I wouldn't want to wear a uniform since girls at my school aren't judged on what they wear; girls at my school don't like others because of their appearance, they like others because of who they are on the inside.

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