Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Help: I need an interpretation for this: a Marine, a job and a girl fight?

The dream started out with me working in a new job in an office (in real life, I am self employed). The guy who hired me like me personally. Another woman was hired there, and they made her crawl into a very gunky crawl space to retrieve some stuff. She was very unhappy when she returned with soot and stuff all over her.

In one of the office spaces, my daughter (who is 14) was gathered with 2 other girls who were black (my daughter and I are white). It was the finals of some girl fight. I was advising my daughter to be tough and fight hard. Another black office woman was judging the contest. When she announced the winner, I thought she said my daughter's name, but instead she said the name of one of the other girls. My daughter came in last.

Suddenly, I am arm in arm with a male Marine. He is white, with light brown hair. We were close, and walking, and I asked if he had any kids. He didn't answer, but one of the medals on his chest said the word NO.

Then I woke

Help: I need an interpretation for this: a Marine, a job and a girl fight?

You are a busy person ; to have all this action in one dream ; b ut I think you are quite busy in your real life and little bit stress but in the future you will have some good news about your business but be careful because its like you will become so caught up and trusting with someone and this person can betray you and it will be sad because your feelings will be hurt ; and about your daughter don't be to hard on her ;; its like she needs you . Does she feel lonely or struggling with things about teen . You are her mother and you know , By your dream your financial year will be good

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