Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How do you get....?

how do you get hardened cream cheese out of your hair? its my MOMS fault and you can read my question before this if you want to know how and why. its starting to stink like rotten milk. now my neighbors are here because my mom invited them here! how can i get this out of my hair? it smells so bad. im asking this in toddler and preschooler because im guessing some of you parents have had this problem with a few of your kids...lol.

How do you get....?

wash your freaking hair

How do you get....?

I know we use peanut butter for gum? Maybe it works for cream cheese.

How do you get....?

Wash your hair!!! Stand under the water until it softens or pull it out.

How do you get....?

Cream cheese softens with heat.

Get a very fine-toothed comb and a crummy towel, plus some paper towels. Stick your head in the shower and wet your hair with the hottest water that doesn't hurt. Wrap your shoulders in the towel. Comb your hair out. Wipe the comb clean with the paper towel as needed. Once the water cools, use a hair dryer to get the wet hair hot again. Once it starts to be a little dry, wet it with hot water again.

Keep doing this until the comb doesn't pick up any more cream cheese.

Ordinarily I don't recommend any shampoo that tends to remove all of hair's natural oils, but in this case, when you can't comb any more out, try a fairly harsh shampoo. Lather up generously, then use a shampoo brush (costs about $1.50, available at drug and grocery stores) to comb the shampoo all through your hair. Rinse and repeat.

With patience, that should do it.

How do you get....?

Ok try the peanut butter, if that doesn't work try using conditoner like Suave, saturate your hair with it then shampoo it out, you may have to do it more than once, after shampooing it, you might try rinsing it with warm water that a little vinegar or lemon juice has been added, it will strip any remaining oils from your hair. Remember to condition it after you get through.

Also, an after thought. YOU can get help when you are upset or need someone to talk to. There are hotlines available in all areas, try calling one NOW. There are counselors at your school that will help you schedule an appointment with one or just walk in and tell the secretary you need to talk now that it's an emergency. Do not try to keep everything to yourself or this forum, you need help in person and personal. Please talk to someone.

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