Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Best conditioner for teen gal?

okay i'm 15 and my hair falls out everyday

i would like to try a conditioner cause i have dry hair and kinda spilt ends

what product would you recommend for a 15 yr old which you can find at kmart or target??

also..could i use johnson's kids one?


Best conditioner for teen gal?

You can use pretty much any moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, though you might want to stay away from Pantene as that has a tendency to build up on most people's hair. I like Garnier Fructis's Length %26amp; Strength (though you could use any Fructis line S%26amp;C--the ingredients are pretty much interchangable).

Don't use baby shampoo, as that will be harsher on adult hair. Baby hair is finer but has a different pH balance. Baby shampoos are formulated harsher to get rid of cradle cap, etc. and effectively clean baby's scalp without causing tears.

Best conditioner for teen gal?

main tail - if you can't find go to pet isle it has been around along time and i have used for years = also give yourself a cholesterol treatment

Best conditioner for teen gal?

vo5 is the BEST!!!!! it will make your hair feel and look smooth and nice

Best conditioner for teen gal?

John Freida is amazing ! They have blonde, brunette, etc. hair products

they sell it almost anywhere ... but kinda expensive

Hope I helped !

Best conditioner for teen gal?

Herbal Essences Breaks Over

it smells so good and it fixes ur damaged hair

Best conditioner for teen gal?

Use Loreal professional or loreal kids.

Best conditioner for teen gal?

Sure you can. %26amp; suave has a good line of products. since your dry, use a leave in conditioner_which i recommend anyway.

Hot oil treatments about twice a week- Queen Helen's Cholesterol deep conditioner- if u need help w/that one holler, i'll walk u thru it. try not to blow dry, just let it naturally dry, %26amp; get a Soft brush. even a pick. be gentle to it.

any thing else i'd be glad to explain.

Best conditioner for teen gal?

I use garner frutics length and strength. I have relaxed hair so it gets damaged alot. I have been using this shampoo for about 5 months and my hair is healthier so its a little longer too. Its pretty cheap and you can get it almost anywhere. I don't know about the johnsons one though.

閳?br>Best conditioner for teen gal?

tresemme' works really good on thick hair

Best conditioner for teen gal?

Use the pink sunsilk. Also after showering use the 24/7 creme.

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