Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is she really crazy or is it just me? I'm 13 years old..My mom has had this boyfriend for about 2 years now. My moms boyfriend had 2 kids with his ex-girlfriend and ever since he broke up with her she is absolutly crazy! First of all, Once I made brades in one of the girls hair (the youngest one) and she went to her moms that day..she found out that it was me who did her hair so they went to the hairdressers to get it ALL cut of so I couldnt touch her hair anymore..She also tells the two girls that their father (my moms bf ..that is really nice) is mean and dangerouse and that they should not love him, also she wants to change their names to her family name and she steels the clothing that comes from where we live (meaning when the girls where clothing form their dads house she hides it and they never bring it back) shes dont alot more too!..So I just wanted to know what you people think about this this right is she crazy. Anyways thanks for answering this for me ! :o)

Is she really crazy or is it just me?

Sounds like this woman has some MAJOR issues!! She doesn't sound like a good person nor a good mother. Tell her to go away.

Is she really crazy or is it just me?

she is insane

Is she really crazy or is it just me?

Yeah, shes crazy. =/

The hair thing..uncalled for. Wait, were they ugly?

No just kidding, Haha.

and can you look at;_ylc=...

if you can, thanks.

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