Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

okay, so as everybody knows, i'm a "scene kid".

i dont label myself as that, but i'm just using that label right now

because if i were to pick a label, "scene" fits me the best.

blech. i hate that label, but i'm just using it in this blog, okay?

so, i still wear hollister and abercrombie and stuff like that,

and even though i aboslutely ******* love my skinny jeans and band t-shirts,

i've heard from an alarming amount of people that i look better when i'm in preppy clothes.

and that kinda scares me.

i dont like it either.

i was a prep last year; i hated it.

looking back on it, it was all ridiculous.

you had to have the clothes that went on sale that weekend.

you had to spend a hundred dollars everytime you went to the mall.

you had to have all the latest stuff in the smallest size they had.

you could not wear the same clothes week after week.

you could not wear anything but the name brands.

you could not even think about going into hot topic and actually wearing that "satanic stuff".

but it's all a bunch of bullshit.

it's all stuff that fades with high school.

brand names and the names on tags dont matter.

people dont care if you have the latest stuff from hollister.

and you dont have to buy new clothes every weekend.

but that's just that aspect of it.

there are still the preps, the jocks, the nerds, and me and my friends:

the punks/scene kids/whatever the hell we wanna ******* be.

there are still cliques, just minus the labels.

otherwise, nothing has changed.

most of the preppy kids hang out with the other preppy kids,

the nerds hang out with the nerds,

the jocks hang out with the jocks,

and the punks still hang out with the punks.

it's inevitable really.

you see someone who dresses like you, and you hit it off.

odds are, you have a lot in common.

it just kinda comes with the package.

i mean hey, that's how me and carla met.

nevertheless, some people do mix it up,

and good for those people.

i'm not really one of them, but i hang out with other cliques during school.

just not really anywhere else. i'm just not close to them like i am people in my clique.

but anyways, back on subject:

i've been hearing a lot lately, by what to me is an alarming amount of people,

that i look better in preppy clothes than i do i scene clothes.

they think i look better. do i?

i dont really know.

i dont wanna go back to being preppy, but who says i have to do that?

look at pebbles: she is what ever she wants to be, brand name or no brand name, label or no label.

and everybody loves her. it's impossible not to love that girl.

i could be whatever i want and dress in a preppy-ish kind of way, minues the label,

but i dont want to do that.

i love my skinny jeans and band t-shirts.

my legs even feel weird when they're not in skinny jeans, thats how much i love them.

and my black skinny jeans: my favorite piece of clothing i own.

they're a perfect fit, faded nicely, tight, and go great with my vans, which i also love.

and though i dont think i'd ever trade them in for another pair of hollister jeans,

i feel like i should.

i know everybody is gonna say "do what you want ad what makes you happy" and to not listen to what other people are saying,

but when people basically say you look better as a prep than the style you love, it's kinda hard not to listen.

i mean, yeah, i do love my style, and i dont wanna give that away,

but if people like me better and think i look better in a different style, wouldnt that be better?

and now you're gonna say "well the people who think that dont matter. if they dont like you the way you are, they dont deserve you." but that's entirely not true at all.

to name a few:

frankie has told me that he liked the way i dressed better last year,

ladon told me i looked better in preppy clothes,

and connnor said the same thing as ladon just today.

even though i dont hang out with connor that much, frankie and ladon mean a lot to me, and so do their opinions.

but maybe i shouldnt care.

maybe those people shouldnt say that stuff.

if it makes me happy the way i am now, why should they even care how i dress?

maybe i shouldnt be around them if they're gonna tell me things like that.

but i love frankie and ladon, and that would be almost impossible to do.

and i've thought about this too:

what are my old friends gonna think when i go back down to south florida during spring break?

i'm gonna go visit millie and everyone at the barn, and i just keep wondering if they're gonna say "who are you again? no, kelly had red hair, and she didnt dress like that."

it's really scary to think of that kind of stuff. i'm even afraid that my best friends will look at me different, especially christina.

i'm not the person i used to be, and i know that.

i like where i am now, but knowing other people like me another way just rubs me in all the wrong ways.

it's like when something rubs against you softly but in that really annoying way for too long, and it's like it's rubbing you raw, and after a while, even that soft touch is irritating.

that's what this is like. too many people have said they think i look better preppy, and it just makes me uncomfortable.

i hate this feeling.

i was finally happy with where i was, and now i'm doubting it all again.

god why does this always happen?

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

Holy crap, that is the longest question ever! You talk as much as I do, dude!

Seriously, you answered your own question. You are who you are, and your real friends will accept it, even if it is different. The posers will just fade away.

I've always worn jeans, but I figured out I could wear girl's jeans and they fit better, and nobody ever noticed that they were girl's jeans. I used to wear long sleeve shirts and polos, and sneakers, and slowly i changed to Chucks and skinny jeans and band tees. The only questions i got were "what band is that?", or "did you stay up late last night?" (because I had a tiny bit of eyeliner on LOL).

Maybe the change was gradual enough that they weren't shocked, but now I always wear Chucks and skinny jeans and a band tee, and a slim-fitting hoodie, and usually some sort of chain bracelet(s) or studded belt and wristbands, etc. No eyeliner to skool, really, but I don't wash it off if I already had it on.... The kids that made fun of me before still do, but i have my old friends and new friends that are scene too. It just took me a while to figure out that I was scene (to use the stereotype) in addition to already liking the cloths and the music. It just happened, like figuring out I liked wheat bread instead of white, and 1% milk instead of regular. Why the labels exist, IDK, but in some cases, it's quicker to desribe myself as scene (if they know WTF I mean) instead of telling them what I prefer or like.

No, I don't prefer Aiden or Chidios like I'm supposed to, but I like PWT's and Relient K, Nightwish, Apocalyptica, Beatles and the old Jethro Tull.... Go figure!

Do I have a bandana hanging out of my back pocket all the time? No. But I have a month's worth of band tees and skinny jeans. Sometimes I wear a shirt or polo when going someplace with Mom and Dad, but they let me be who I am. I'm different than I was, yeah, but we all are.

Holy Crap! I just figured out ur a GIRL! OMFG!!!

Eh, w/e.... I was about to say that ppl probly like most kids better in sweaters or vests than jeans and tees, and I was gunna say that everyone would like us better in a suit and tie.... Is it us? No. Ppl who knew us would know we felt stiff and phony, even if we looked like GQ. That's why lawyers make their clients wear suits in the courtroom: They look better in a suit, trying to make the jury believe they couldn't have done it!

Clothes may make the man, but only if you're THAT man.... I'm not. My friends like me for me, and they take my looks in stride.

If you're a girl, they probly expect you to look nicer in preppy clothes, or a nice dress, w/e... I think my GF is hot as heck in a long dress, but I'd like my GF in jeans and a tee beside me better than in a dress and heels across the room from me, you know? I like her for who SHE is, and although I could stare at her all day in a potato sack, or naked, or in heels, in the end I like HER, and the sack and heels will get shoved to the back of the closet and finally disappear. She'll still be there, I hope, because she's who she is and that's who I like. I just hope that my friends like me in the same way, and not because I like sweaters or w/e.... If she wants to go all girlie on me and wear dresses all the time, I'll either get used to it, or... well, I couldn't imagine an alternative....

Anyway, I hope I make sense.... I know sometimes it's hard to deal with things, but I don't think your friends in FL will dis-own you. They may laugh at you at first, but you'll all have a good time anyway. If they're decent, they won't give you shi+ about it beyond that.

Really, if this IS you, and you are who you are, that's all that can be said. You go with the ppl you have things in common with, and yeah, we find cliques that way, but there's more ppl out there that you'd like, etc., that you'll never get to meet, right? Most ppl can get along, as long as they don't let some stupid idea control what they like. (Think liberals vs. conservatives, or Americans vs. Middle-Easterners. One-on-one, I'm sure each of us could get along with the other.) I think I'm going off on a tangent here....

Just be you, be happy, and be comfortable with your own skin and your environment. The rest will take care of itself, one way or another.

And no cutting either. I'm pretty sure we don't do that anymore. I think it's just an old stereotype that other ppl have of us.... ;-)

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

well for starters that was the longest question i've ever read! lol.

Tell your friend this:

if you like how you look now, then to **** with everyone else! everybody at my school wears skinny jeans anyway, (i swear to god i love my skinny jeans like they're my children! :D) and band tee-shirts are very popular as well. i think everyone looks great wearing them, and i'm sure you do too. however, you apparently have an EXTREMELY cliquey school, full of labels. so people will want you to dress a certain way. but don't give in, swim against the current! you think in 10 years it's gonna matter who wore what when? of course not! be who you want to be and wear your clothes with confidence. if you aren't sure if you love them, then people will see an opportunity to bring you down. and if your friends really care about you as much as you seem to care about them, then what you wear shouldn't matter to them at all.

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

where is the piece about you... i got lost in reading all that.

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

Too much reading... summarize all that and ask the question again.

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

wow super long, but anyway, honestly its just clothes and styles that in 20 years you'll think your stupid for wearing them. but hey you like your skinny jeans? then wear them! i bet they're hott

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

well if she wants to dress this way then she should

people say she looks better in prep clothes

they never said they liked her better

if thats who she wants to be then her friends shouldnt have a probablem with it

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

Do what make you happy. But. it goes further than you think...if being happy to you is feeling comfortable with your friends, then dress preppy. In this society preppy=rich=happy, in other peoples eyes, are you comfortable being scene? no? then do do it, maybe you can be sometimes and not other times. Pretending is so important to our culture, pretend to be whoever you want. Sometime s we feel the most comfortable with people like us as you said, be comfortable the. Hang out with carla not christina, if your happy being that kelly, be that kelly. If your friends are good they will like you for you: cliche but whatever. If they are normal you are going to have some work to do! good luck, i hope i helped, it's confusing, so is life, don't let it mess you up!

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

i didnt read all but shes probably tellin hoew she feels about her clothes let her be its her life =D

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

What is your question?

if your friend wants to be scene than be scene

but if he wants to give into peer pressure than be a prep

or make a whole new style and be a scene prep

mix it up. be unique. be YOU

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

I got lost in the middle of reading. Shorten the question and get more to the point.........

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

Of course there's a lot going on here but here's what this all boils down to:

People will always judge other people by various aspects of their lives such as clothing, ethnic status and other factors that they were raised by, that's one of the main principles of human psychology; we categorize things based on our upbringing. Therefore people like your friend will always be categorized into groups like that and if they are part of the minority then the majority will attempt the make them part of their majority; again another big psych theme comes in here with reflective output or better known as "monkey-see-monkey-do".

As for what your friend in this case should do is I would say they should rule out the majority because the majority of today tends to deceive people from who and what they really are and in some cases try to break their lives as you have probably already seen by being a prep for a year yourself; as you said you had to have THE clothes of that second and if you didn't then "SOLTAL" as they would put it (sorry, out of luck. Try again later). Your friend has their true friends which includes you and whoever else they find valuble to keep around in their lives whereas the majority preps aren't their friends and they probably barely even know them except for maybe their names because they're in some classes together or whatever. But the whole situation is like a band that has the option to go big or not: stay small and keep your truely loyal fans or go mainstream and develop quantity but not quality. To be honest it's better to go with staying small, then at least you can say that you enjoyed your time as a musician.

My friend wrote this in a blog... any suggestions on what to do?? please....?

i read it all.

just let her wear what she wants to.

if she's happy thats all you should really care about.

let her be herself.


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