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I need help with head lice.?

I discovered my kids had head lice four weeks ago, I bought the special shampoo, the spray for the house, and washed everything I could, sprayed and vacuumed everything, repeated in two days. A week later, they had them again. I took all their toys with hair or fabric put them in the garage (they are still there) again rewashed EVERYTHING did the spray vacuum of my cars and whole house. A week later I washed and sprayed everything again because they were back. Last week I tried mayo, and boy was that a mess, but it still didn't work. My kids are too young for the perscription pill. It is so hard with my youngest, he is only 18 months, can't use the regular stuff on him.

I need real help here, I can't afford to keep buying all the crap that doesn't work. If I don't get this taken care of soon i'm gonna shave their heads, they are only 5 and 3 and 18 months.

i've heard that african americans don't get head lice? So do i get their hair greased and braided and hope that works?

I need help with head lice.?

I hear your suppose to stuff all the toys %26amp; sheets in a trash bag for a week or something to it will sufficate the little buggers.

I need help with head lice.?

Are you also combing out the eggs. You can't just shampoo and expect the lice to go away you also have to comb out the eggs. You can buy a special comb at any drug store.

I need help with head lice.?

Go and get the presciption strength stuff from the doctor. That is the only thing that worked for us.

I need help with head lice.?

That's bad they keeping getting them. Make sure their schools are aware of the problem. Get rid of all the chemical crap! No good for you and especially no good for your kids. Put a load of conditioner in the hair and comb with a fine tooth comb. The eggs cant stay on slippery hair. Wash sheets and air beds.Then everyday before the kids go to school spray with tea tree oil mixed with water. Make sure the girls hair is in braids and keep hair clean and cut.

Hopefully, this will work. Good luck!

I need help with head lice.?

Having had this problem before, I know what you're going through and I sympathize. Be sure you go through their hair and yours and get all the nits out (little tiny eggs). That can take a lot of time but you have to get them all. Then try the shampoo again. To help get them away and keep them away, go to the health food store and get "tree tea oil" . Spray or rub it into everyone's hair. Keep using it, put it on everytime you wash the hair. It really does work! Put everything you can in the dryer for a very long time on high heat. My kids and I got lice from a babysitter one time and couldn't get rid of it. It seemed to come back over and over but with the cold weather, and all the tips I've given, we finally got rid of them. I wish you the best!

I need help with head lice.?

When I was young I used to get lice all the time, they made my life hell!!

We tried all the chemical shampoos and eggs removers followed by hours of combing. It would work for a while but at my school the lice became immune to the treatments (dont ask me how, that stuff smells like it could kill a small horse).

Anyways the opinions above should really help, tea tree oil is great. If you smother the child's hair with cheap conditioner it will stun the lice for 20-30 mins giving you time to comb them out (without them running around) and it will also help reduce the adhesive connecting the eggs to the hair.

After you manage to remove the lice use hair spray on your child's hair every day. Also put it up in a bun or braid but the hairspray creates a barrier so the eggs can not stick to the hair.

Just keep combing away, everyday (like I know you would be), even if you just loosen the bond between the egg and hair they cannot hatch.


I need help with head lice.?

We battled head lice after an infestation at my daughter's daycare. I refused to use pesticides on my children or myself so I went the granola hippie mom route and bought tea tree oil and a nit comb.

Add 10 or so drops of the oil to a good amount of shampoo, lather up and let it sit as long as possible (ten minute min). It kills the buggies. Dry the hair. Saturate hair with vinegar and let sit for 15 min, use shower caps so it doesn't dry out. This dissolves the "glue" holding the nits in place. Comb with a nit comb. Add 20 or so drops to the shampoo you use daily, I also added about 20 drops to a bottle of leave in conditioner, the lice hate the smell so daily use can help prevent an infestation in the future. Five days after the first treatment do the whole thing again, and then five days after that. By then you will have caught any bugs that were hatched out of any nits you missed on the first or second go at it.

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