Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Staffordshire bull terrier??

i have a labrador x staffordshire bull terrier

he is a male named rocky nd is 3 yo

he has such a wonderful colour.... like a blondy/tan nd on all his paws he has white (which is so cute cos it looks lke socks) nd white round his neck (which looks lke a scarf) nd brown eyes.

he knows everything (sit,roll,stay,pretend 2 b dead,balance and TALK)

the onli prob is that wen he sees otha dogs, he goes crazi. its been lke dis ever since we got him frm da rspca in yagoona, syd

he is very aggresive wen he sees otha dogs nd barks and his hair goes up nd everything! but he is perfect with people nd lil kids... he brings no harm 2 children

im wondering....... do any of u have a staffi? if so, what colour r they and do they act the same as rocky round otha dogs??

merry xmas nd ty 4 da answers

ps: if u would lke 2 c him i am going 2 change my answers pic from an avatar 2 his foto so u can c wat i mean lol

Staffordshire bull terrier??

The Pit Bull is showing its face with all that aggression. Being a cross doesn't take away the the natural instincts of the breed, or the innate aggression. These dogs are bred to fight and it takes many generations to breed out that character out of them.

When I was learning to train dogs we trained protection dogs that would be placed in a business's fenced lot. The Pit Bulls we trained could be detoured by another dog and the thief jumped the fence. This breed is so strong with the fighting (which they were breed for) along with a few others.

It sounds like your dog will end up killing another dog if He got the chance.

My advice is to find a rescue for the breed and see that someone with knowledge about the breed becomes his new owner. If that is simply out of the question then I very strongly advise that you have your yard so that he cannot escape, get you some "DO NOT ENTER" or warning signs, (DANGER, WATCH DOG")

I have worked this kind of dog and I wouldn't have one. Not on your life or my life.

Staffordshire bull terrier??

yes i used to have one she was brown , white and black she looked like she wore a mask. She was sweet with people and other animals it all depends on if the pup grew up with other pups that is it all you have to do is put his collar just below his jaw and snap it ( give it a sharp tug) every time he displays aggression with other dogs he will get the picture

Staffordshire bull terrier??

hi :) I have an american pitbull terrier, the breeds originated from the same line :) she is white with beautiful brindle patches and blue eyes :) Anyway staffy's and ptibulls can be very dog aggressive, its been breed into the breed...this doesnt make them bad at all, just means that some of them should be kept away from other dogs :)

Staffordshire bull terrier??

yes i have a staffi cross pitbull she is 2 years old and is a Blondie coloure i have a little brother and she is great with him as well as other little kids but has become very aggresive towards other dogs i think its just in there nature.

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