Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Im so mad at her?

my x friend told every one that i had no teeth and i was waring a wig but it waset that i had no hair it was that it was for halloween know all the kids a laghing at me and saying im a fake what should i do

Im so mad at her?

Ignore them just as the 1st answer says.

They're probably just jealous.

From experience i KNOW fighting back just leads to more bullying.

Just don't fight back because their the only ones looking like fools.


you could confront her CALMLY and ask her why she is being mean and spreading lies.

Just act cool don't show that you're angry and start to yell.

On the other hand.

If she starts to yell just walk away like she's not talking to you or just say "you are not my mom or dad to yell at me, so goodbye"

Good luck %26amp; I hope everything works out before Halloween so you won't have any stress on your shoulders!


Im so mad at her?

IGNORE THEM.............silence breaks the heart alll the time. if yuo give them the attention then they will just keep making fun of you plus you know its true %26amp; thats all that matters. DONT SPEAK when things get ignorant like that %26amp; let it roll off your shoulders %26amp; say ok or whatever.

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