Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Funny random jokes..?

Why do gingers smell? -So the blind can hate them too

A woman has just given birth in the hospital.

When she wakes up from a long sleep the doctor approaches her

"I have some good news and some bad news..."

"What do you mean?!"

"I'm afraid your baby has ginger hair"

"Thank God that's the bad news! What's the good news?"

"He's dead."

Good point bout being ginger:

your chances of gettin kidnapped are significantly reduced.

Just watched that Harry Potter film, but it's pretty unrealistic, I mean ... a ginger kid with two friends.

What do you call a ginger goth?


What do you call a room full of gingers?


Why aren't gingers lynched?

Would you want to touch one?

How does a redhead get on your nerves then?

Very Gingerly.

What sucks about a ginger then?

Evidently a prostitute with very poor eyesight.

Why does Josh Homme suck at guitar?

Because hes ginger.

What do you call a ginger stood on a wall?

The sun

Women who have ginger kids are a medical miracle.

They could actually give birth and have their period at the same time.

How do you sink an Irish submarine?

Knock on the hatch.

How do you sink another Irish submarine?

Knock on the hatch again, he'll open the window and say 'I'm not falling for THAT again!'

An englishman is carrying a bag of chickens down the road. Intrigued, a passer-by asks him "If I can guess how many chickens are in your bag, can I have one?"

The englishman replies "If you can guess how many chickens are in my bag, you can have them both".

How do you get a goth out of a tree? Cut the rope!

What is the cure for homosexuality?


Q. What's the difference between Frenchmen and toast? A. You can make soldiers out of toast

Q.How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? A: Nobody knows, it's never been tried.

Four chavs drive off a cliff in a Vauxhall Nova. Why is it a shame?

A Vauxhall Nova seats five.

Why is a chav like a Slinky?

Because they have no real use, but it's fun to watch one fall down the stairs.

I wish my lawn was emo, then it'd cut itself

I was at a cash machine when an old lady came up to me and asked to check her balance.

So I pushed her over.

Funny random jokes..?

What's green,and hangs between 2 sticks?

A mouldy cripple(HA HA)

Before anyone complains,I've been disabled for 24 years(almost half my life!)

Funny random jokes..?

Is that really necessary? What if you were like these people? Would you treat them this way?

Funny random jokes..?

some good laughs! but jokes are really not that funny but highly offencive!

Funny random jokes..?

haha these have made me chuckle :D very good x

Funny random jokes..?


Funny random jokes..?

Haha! I thought they were hilarious but i can defo see some people getting offended!!!! Love it! Star! :-)

Funny random jokes..?

I'm friends with people like this... :(

These jokes make me sad.

Funny random jokes..?

Tacky but funny!

Funny random jokes..?


Funny random jokes..?

Funny random jokes..?

Some of them are funny but highly offensive

Funny random jokes..?


Funny random jokes..?

OK, the 2nd joke is unbelievably offensive and you obviously hate redheads. Also the homo joke - not funny.

But the last 6 are fecking hilarious!

Funny random jokes..?

Dear, oh dear, is that it??

Not doing it for me sorry!!

Funny random jokes..?

i th8 that was horrible and stereotypical. not funny at all

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