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How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

When I was a kid (im 15 now), I had Barbies and looking back they werre pretty bad - big boobs, blonde hair, so skinny

But we had the Spice Girls, N*SYNC and Steps on our bedroom walls

Nowdays girls have Bratz. Bratz are sluts basically, for little girls to play with. I refuse to buy ANYTHING to do with them, because they are so awful. I saw the program once (eurgh) and it was basically encoraging skipping school, getting with your best mates boyfriend and making sure you always look 'super hot'

Ok these things are aimed at kids

And they have Pussycat Dolls as like the only band they can like (except High School Musical thats alloud haha)

Pussycat Dolls hardly wear any clothes and though ok, some of you guys might not be complaining, should these really be role models for pre-teens??!!

And the other day i was shopping and i saw a push-up bra and thong for girls aged 9.

Seriously, no wonder more girls become anorexic and self concious.

Anyone agree?


How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

It's an absolute minefield out there with what is and isn't appropriate. Kids should be kids and not hit with stereotypes at such a young age.

Parents should lead by example and kids should want to be like their parents and not some slutty role model.

Fingers crossed x

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

i agree tooo

and i think that encouraging 9 year olds to wear thongs is bad cos by the tI'me they are 11 they could be pregnant

im 13 and i don't even have high heels yet

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

I agree. I don't know much about those toys, but that is insanely weird.

Although little boys these days have Halo3 and Gears of War and other bloody-gory games. Girls have these.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

I totally agree.... until we start treating children like children again, how on earth can we expect them to stop acting like adults when they are 11

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

Do you have anything (clothing or accessories) with the "Playboy bunny" logo on it? That's equally as bad.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

That is absolutely corret. i have little sisters who are influenced by the whole 'bratz' craze...and something about a little girl thong sickens me deeply....and seems like a call for pervs.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

OMG i never thought of that but i totally agree!!!!!! u saw a thong and push up bra for a 9 YEAR OLD!!! r u serious!!! WOW and so many girls play with them and ...are like addicted to the show and pussy cat dolls with no clothes that's just ridiculous !!!!!! totally agree with u on that 1!

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

I agree completely with you its wrong tat we give our kids these things because it is promoting sex and being sexy !!!

and they wonder why o many young girls get pregnant !!!

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

I agree.

The responsibility is on the parents to not allow their children to have these types of dolls or listen to these types of music. Basically, parents have to be parents.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

I totally agree! These dolls definately send out the worng messege. They dress in mini shirts and tube tops and little girls are admiring them. This falls back on the parents because they have control over what these children are watching on tv and playing with. Parents need to stop letting the television babysit their children!

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

I totally agree. Why must dolls be half naked and have the perfect body? No, these dolls should in no way be role models for young girls. And push up bras and thongs for 9 year olds, what's the point in that? These days I find the media and some parents try to make their kids grow up too fast. I would not allow my child to watch a program that promotes skipping school, or getting with someone else's boyfriend. Kids have to have limits and know that is totally fine not to have the perfect body.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

yes i agree with you but as people become more advanced so does everything these days know more than you think...a lot more then i did at my age...

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

I have a 5 year old that likes to play with Bratz. She has no idea what kind of people they are protraying. She doesn't watch the crap they have on TV about them and doesn't watch their movies. She just thinks that they're pretty girls with cool hair, lipstick and high heels like mommy. I won't get too wrapped up in it just yet. When she wants to go the step farther, then I will be more than likely to step in.

It's also the parental control over the kids too. I'm a stay at home mom and I see everything my kids do and watch. When I don't like the situations they are getting into, it's more likely to be over before it starts.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

it is what we make it.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

haha im 15 too and my friends and I went christmas shopping for my little sister a while ago and we were looking at the bratz and we were like holy s**t these dolls are huge sluts why would i buy one for my little sister, to play with and look at as an example. I totally agree with you, these whoreish dolls make barbies look like modest preps.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

I definitely agree. 100,000% The world makes girls of that age who are growing up think that unless you are "perfect" you are a horrible person. It sadly starts in kindergarten. If it were up to me, parents shouldn't say things like "that person is fat" around there kids. Not all people who are overweight get that way because they sit on the couch with ice cream and chips. Some are genetically "designed" to be of a larger weight. It shouldn't really matter what anyone looks like, but sadly that has become sort of a pre screen tool at many places. Somthing like "Oh that person is overweight, they wont do any work, except on the candy bar in their pocket...*Workers Laugh* " It will be hard but we should start teaching everyone that everyone has the same capabilities.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

i agree, as you sow so shall you reap.

these kids are being targeted by people that just want to exploit them, its all about money nothing else and its wrong

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

Unfortunately it's very sad sign of the times we live in where little girls are encouraged to grow up way too fast.

That doesn't make it right though.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

i agree with you, granted your still only 15 so your still a teen. but the fact that you are 15 and realized that is veruy good! i dont understand how people like the PCD's can even live with them selves, they know what crowds they have a bigger target on and they just keep going for the money just like an actual whore would do!!! but a lot of it is parents, parents need to take control of there kids and the whole reason this mess is even coming aboard is because kids are so free these days, there is no discipline. i mean im not saying kids need to be beat all the time, but when they misbehave one good crack on the *** is going to have a better outcome than 50 time outs. its a sick world and almost makes me not want to bring a child int othis fu*ked up world!!!

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

I don't think bratz are too bad ...I don't know why you think they are about skipping school and stealing boyfriends?...If you are a positive female role model to your daughter then that will influence them more than any one else can. I would definitely not buy a nine year old a thong or sexy grown up clothes as that's just sick . As its parents who have the money to spend have to blame them for buying the rubbish that is put on sale not the people who sell and demand unfortunately. I also think people should think more carefully about what they allow there children to watch on TV including music.Some of that stuff is very sexual.Kids have a short enough childhood as it is ..we should let them be kids.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

i agree, ive always had a problem with brats and i will not be buying any for my daughter (she's 2 half just now) when she's older. i don't mind barbie and that, because i was brought up with barbie and she never 'influenced' anything on me, barbie is like a saint compared to brats. i actually think trading standards (or toy standards or whatever it is that authorises toys) should take a proper look at brats and the show.

i'm impressed by you though, as a 15 year old you seem quite switched onto this. which is a good thing.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

Im not a parent but im disgusted!

How the hell can children be expected to be children if they are forced to look and act like teenagers when they're barely in double digits?!

Ten years ago, girls played with dolls or outside with friends, exploring and stuff! Now they sit inside preening themselves, talking on their %26lt;i%26gt;mobile phones%26lt;/i%26gt; (why a child even %26lt;i%26gt;needs%26lt;/i%26gt; one i dont know) sitting on the internet and watching Bratz and other brain mushing programmes. Companies need to stop selling sex at children and sell them innocense instead!

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

Yes on both counts

But in all honesty there's nothing we can do

until girls start listening that a lot of guys actually like if not prefer bigger girls this wont change

%26amp; beyond that it's what's inside not out that counts hwy can't they just be what they are?

But who do you blame?

The maker's of Bratz %26amp; Barbie dolls? The company's making the papers showing these anorexic girls? The guys drooling over them? (I'm not included in that by the way) The food company's stopping selling normal foods with regular salt %26amp; fat levels in? Jamie Oliver pressuring companys to lower levels of salt %26amp; fat, etc?

Who's to say?

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

I totally agree. they give those bratz dols thongs and short skirts. what do they expect kids to do? go out and be modest or look like there toy? its sad. and the bratz kids isnt better. and the bratz dolls are what? 20 and they have way defenitly not a good role model. even if dolls arent really role models it just gives kids bad ideas.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

When i was a lot younger Bratz dolls didn't exist all their was were Sindy and Barbie dolls i hated both and posters of Five (5ive), Backstreet Boys, 911, Take That, Hanson, B*Witched and other pop bands would have adorned my walls i much enjoyed playing with Lego and Scalextrix sets more

Bratz dolls are encouraging girls to dress tarty

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

wow your very grown up for 15 and i think its great you think about things like this because its so true that most dolls like Bratz or barbie dolls have a very s*luty look...............i mean the people who make such toys should really tone it down a little

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

My niece has just started teaching. She says one of the worst influences on the kids she has found is Catherine Tate! She says she is sick of kids saying "am not bovvered Miss!" when asked "why have you not done your homework"

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

**aplauses** what did your parents do to raise a child who was so level headed and sensible?....its good to know there are teenagers out there who can see the issues with all this stuff. I sure hope you are proud of yourself and your standards. Dont loose will go far.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

I agree. Barbie has been around a long time so I think that it would be hard to get them of the high street market. But these sluttish Bratz dolls are just erugh! They have huge lips and everything. Have you seen the Simpsons episode where Lisa creates 'Malibu Stacey' I think the founders of Bratz and Barbie etc.. should watch it.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

I agree with polishgirl404.

I have six children. 4 girls 2 boys.

I choose what my children see, hear and watch.

When they see something at a friends house, we talk about it.

All of us, the whole family.

You can't turn back the clock. You have to prepare your children for the world that's out there.

I taught my children to watch people carefully. Listen to what they say, then watch what they do.

Trust is earned not given freely.

Many of you here that are SO appalled at these dolls would be the first to say that teenage dating and living together is ok.

You would argue that dating teaches young people how to handle social situations, and living together is getting to know a person before you marry them. You may even call it a test run.

I'm sure that there are several arguments.

But here are the facts.

I've been married for 22 years.

Living together is NOTHING like marriage.

If a person wants to live with you then they are afraid to commit or they are just not ready for it. You don't have a committed relationship. They always have an out. Sure you can get a divorce, but it's MUCH harder to walk away from a real marriage than a person that you live with.

Dating is only for getting to know another person to lead to marriage.


If your looking to get

Meeting someone you like and having sex with them isn't dating them. They are just a "F#@$k buddy" You can't clean up the title.

There is always a reason for "dating".

So basically, you can't throw stones at something without looking at the big picture.

Is everything that you do considered "moral" and a good example by the generations before?

A doll is a doll, it's not realistic, my feet don't come off to change my shoes.

I'm not crazy about Bratz because I think that they aren't that cute.

But the movie was very sweet and it was all about friendship and sticking together.

Barbie has been toned down, but when I was a kid we all knew that if she was real she would look like Dolly Parton.

Children are not as stupid as some people think. They directly relate to what their elders say and do around them.

These are not cookie people, if they were then they would all be the same.

Home cultures and differences wouldn't matter.

How can they let little girls have Bratz?!?

agree 100% Plus bratz scare the sh*t out of me I feel like there eyes follow me around


And pussycat dolls are horrendous what is really funny when you see them they think they r sooo hot but they aint....and when little girls sing dont cha and start dancing to it I feel like sticking a sock in their mouth.

I seen a little girl no older then 10 the other day wearing a mini skirt with knee high boots and caked in so much make up you didn't know wear the make up ended and her face began. WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS.

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