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Haircut/style help?!?

My hair has fine strands but there is ALOT of it. It is red and has natural wave AND poof! I never need anything for volume because I have a TON of that already. Right now my hair is halfway down my back and is all one length. NO BANGS. What I desperately NEED is a new hairstyle! I would LOVE layers to accentuate my wave because right now the weight seems to be dragging my hair down, but I am afraid that layers with just add to the volume. I don't mind if my hair is "big" as long as it isn't poofy or frizzy.

Does anyone out there know of a great haircut/style for hair like mine? ALSO I'm in need of some anti-poof-anti-frizz products that actually work. I am currently using the Pantene gel for curly/wavy hair and it does help some.

I am turning 30 later this year and as a married Mom of 3 kids plus 1 step...I would LOVE to do this for ME! Any suggestions or pics that I can check out would be greatly appreciated!

Haircut/style help?!?

Hi there!! Let me answer this for you since this is pretty easy. I get clients who ask me this all the time.

Your hair type if perfect for many styles. Layers is a 50/50 thing with your hair since it gets frizzy. There's two main types of layers: long and short.

Long layers would be your best bet since it doesn't look huge on you. Short layers only make your hair look like you have afro.

Waves are beautiful and long layers show them off nicely. The long layers add a little volume but not much. Short layers give the greatest volume.

Here are some pics of hairstyles like I described for long layers:

Now let's talk about bangs. Again 50/50 and i say this because it depends on your head shape. For an oval shape, you can work and length of bangs, including baby doll bangs. For a round shape, you can do medium length bangs and bring fullness by cheeks. For a heart-shaped, short bangs are the way to go. For an oblong shape, long oval, you can work any bangs as long as they are a little past the eyebrow.

Now for products that would work for you. You may want to try this since it's worked for alot of my clients. GET A SHAMPOO SPECIFIC FOR YOUR HAIR. I can't stress this enough. If you got the money, invest in a really good shampoo and conditioner made for fine hair. This is a starting point to minimizing the frizz. BedHead makes fabulous products that work with frizzy hair and make it nicer and less poofy. Also invest in some really thick conditioning creme to stop split ends and breakage. Try Tresemme.

If you wash your hair every other day, you're ok. If you wash every day, that's bad because it does dry your hair out of its natural oils to prevent frizz. The main goal here is to let your hair oil up to give it form, less frizz, and fabuluos shine.

I hope this helps you. If you need any other questions, feel free to contact me.

Haircut/style help?!?

Wow...i think it would be hard for anyone to advice you on this sort of thing, as not everyone likes the same type of hairstyles. So if I advice you on this, you might not like my suggestion.

Why not try out this link and see how your hairstyle might look?

This is a virtual hairstylist shop (you can try for free, but if you want extra services you have to pay.) and you can click on the different hairstlyes onto the face and see how they look like. Hope you find something you like!

Haircut/style help?!?

get layers and have them thin it out as well. you can remove a lot of the bulk with the layers and thinning. and it wont be as much weight.

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