Friday, July 24, 2009

Flat iron what brand do you use?

went to the mall and stoped at a booth where they were selling flat irons for the hair. they demonstrated on my hair and now i want one but they costed $200 and i have four kids i cant afford to blow 200 on no flat iron!! but i wonder if they are sold somewhere else for a whol lot cheaper if you happen to know what i am talking about please answer!! this particular iron has steam coming off it when applied to your hair!

Flat iron what brand do you use?

Coroliss. It costs about $125. Good luck. 2D

Flat iron what brand do you use?

you can actually get a really nice one from target for $15 and it is a wet dry one and it also has the blow dry thing and the steam off the hair thing lol.

Flat iron what brand do you use?

Try (has reviews by customers so can be informational) or places like Sally's Beauty Supply, ULTA and even Target. They always have good quality and affordable flat irons. I personally have a Sedu which was $118 and I got it from and it works like magic.

Flat iron what brand do you use?

The best professional one is CHI brand and it will run you around $110.00 or so if you shop around. But its 100% ceramic and the best for your hair!!

Flat iron what brand do you use?

I use an ISO one.

It steams sometimes...

Flat iron what brand do you use?

I use remington wet 2 straight.

It was about $29 at walmart.. You can use it on your hair when it's dry or wet. It has 28 heat settings, and vents so it can release the steam.. I have tried two others since I bought this one, and none of them have worked for me..

I have waist-length blonde hair. It's extremely thick and I can get it knocked out when it's completely wet in about 45 minutes.. if it's dry it's about 20. It leave my hair silky and really straight. I also use Paul Mitchell super skinny serum while I'm straightening so that it won't fry my hair.

Flat iron what brand do you use?

believe it or not the 'remington wet 2 straight' flat iron works really good and i think it's like $30 but get the 1 inch so you could curl your hair with it too

and the 'infiniti by conair' is a very good one too but i think it's like $50

and another good one is the 'Bedhead Tigi flat iron' but it's like $70

these are all available at wal-mart or a drugstore..


Flat iron what brand do you use?

i use conair.

Flat iron what brand do you use?

Steam irons aren't so great for your hair. I have worked with several different brands of proffesional flat irons which were pretty expensive, but one of them is 85 dollars and still works really good. You might want to get it. You can get one in either black or pink :) Brand is Solia.


Black %26amp; Blue -

Flat iron what brand do you use?

Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron

From CHI

Price: $87.50

Product Description

Chi Original 1" Farouk CHI Ceramic Flat Iron Model GF-1001 The CHI can be considered

one of the most versatile Hairstyling Irons on the market today. The CHI's ergonomic

design allows the user to flip hair up or curl it under with a twist of the wrist.

The CHI is ideal for straightening and smoothing the hair while the ceramic plates seal

in natural moisture. It's great to use prior to a Dry Haircut. The ceramic coated paddles

help prevent scorching hair color and helps reduce styling product build-up. Featuring an

extra long swivel cord to prevent tangling, the CHI has a concealed on-off switch inside

the handle to prevent accidentally turning the unit off when in use. The heat paddles are

recessed from the edges to prevent skin burns. Will automatically heat up in less than 10

seconds. Temperature is preset at 150-180 degrees Celsius(302-356 degrees Fahrenheit)

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