Friday, July 24, 2009

What world does Los Angeles/Hollywood live in?

Do these people live in a different time zone? They act like it's more important what your waist size is, what your hair looks like, and what your fashion statement and car is, rather than what you know about anything.

You can be a total dumb idiot, but as long as you're hot and trendy, you're "better" than the average chick with a high IQ.

Also, it's all about the BS. Clothes, food, dogs, shopping, music, entertainment, plastic surgery, hair transplants.

The motto is, what's on the outside counts more than what's on the inside.

And half of these people, even the rich and successful ones, couldn't tell you the difference between WW1 and WW2.

Can they afford to live in such a fake world, or will eventually they come crashing down to hell, when it our country's times get too hard for these people to live their fake lives?

The Barbi Twins, "it's so fake out here, that's why we're like we are."

Mariah "I want to be skinny like African kids."


What world does Los Angeles/Hollywood live in?

i agree. Los Angeles sucks

I live close to it but not in the actually city.

and it's amazing how ppl act and treat others

they are in their own world

but what goes around comes around right

What world does Los Angeles/Hollywood live in?

What's wrong is that people categorize an entire city based on what they see on E! or Extra. Get a clue. Not all of Los Angeles is celebrities and that crap.

What world does Los Angeles/Hollywood live in?

Drew hit it right on the number. You can always spot someone that has never lived in the area just by what they say. That entire part of California is way too diverse to just generalize.

Don't worry Drew its just some people with a lot of time and no life. Honestly, who cares? I lived in California for many years and I went to Hollywood once and saw for myself how retarded it is there. Now I know..but I don't have to post nonsense about it..

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