Sunday, July 26, 2009

What is your two year old doing?

Parents love to boast about their kids but are rarely given the chance outside of family, friends, and perhaps the pediatrician. I thought this would be a great opportunity to tell everyone how great your kid is.

My 2 year old is:

*beginning to read

*can recite the alphabet

*can count to ten unassisted

*remembers EVERYTHING

*can do a front flip

*is beginning to understand time

*is beginning to count things

*understands the concepts of money vs credit cards

*knows his colors

*is an awesome helper in the kitchen

*gives great back massages

*takes care of his puppy

*can sing most nursery rhymes

*likes to do his own hair (he's got a head full of curls lol)

*can brush his teeth, surprisingly, pretty well

*can wash himself in the tub

*likes to play with his musical instruments

*loves to color, draw, and paint

*is learning how to ride a big boy bike

*gives his mommy the BEST "shugga pop" (kisses)

What about yours?

What is your two year old doing?

My 2 year old is a bundled blessing because he has so many good qualities:

he is very strong

he loves any kind of music

he loves spending family time

he likes going to school and church

he recites his version of his abc's

he will jump off of anything

he is learning how to identify his alphabets

he has learned to ask for specific toys that he sees on tv

he has a strong beautiful singing voice

he can sing anything and sing it correctly

he loves instruments

he likes doing activities as long as they don't require him to sit to long

he is very independent

he can dress himself whether right or wrong

he talks excessively

he is very active and loves to read

he is always smiling and living things up

he loves playing with our (parents) ears

he does not understand the concept of money

he will give his money away

he is a big blusher

he is also hard-headed

he has been sick, so he is trying to go back to " I baby MaMa"

He adores and mimics everything his Daddy does

He also gives the best shuga pug (kissy)

he loves to dress and be "clean" with the shoes to match

What is your two year old doing?

Your kid seems to be a prodigy, and I think that the mommy is exaggerating

What is your two year old doing?

stealing ferraris

What is your two year old doing?

You've got a VERY smart little boy on your hands.

My 2 year old (although he'll be 3 in a couple weeks) is quite the clown.

*sings alphabet

*tries to teach his little sister the alphabet, but lacks the patience

*counts to 15

*GOES POTTY! (this is new and VERY exciting)

*sings LOTS of songs

*pretends to be spiderman

*loves to dance

*is pretty darn good at Tetris

*knows his shapes

*knows his colors

*likes to skate (but won't let go of mommy)

*holds his sisters hands to help her walk

*helps change his newborn brothers diapers

*is BOSSY as hell

The list goes on of course. lol Sorry I bored everyone. It is fun to gloat about your kids.

What is your two year old doing?

my two yr old is having a nap. shhhh.

What is your two year old doing?

My son is 18 months. he's def. not as advanced as some of the other kids but here goes:

* dances when he hears music

* says Bye-Bye, bot-bot, what's that? , where'd he go?, and a few others

* LOVES tub time

* sleeps in his own big boy bed

* Loves to play with his older brother

*likes to read stories (of course HE can't read yet, but recently I've seen him pick up a book by himself and look through the pages WITHOUT biting them..YAY!)

* loves to climb stairs??? (of course with mommy or daddy behind him)

* big help in the kitchen

*likes to color (not so good,but he's learning)

* plays very well with others (suprisingly)

* gives kisses and hugs (the BEST hugs ever might I add)

* brushes his teeth (every night)

* can't recite the alphabet yet, but he knows a few

What is your two year old doing?

wow-that's amazing you have the only 2 yr old that does that in the world. My 2 yr old is like most 2 yr olds and I don't compare him with others b/c when baby geniuses reach high school, usually their brain capacity has ceased and it all catches up in the end so watch your bragging.

What is your two year old doing?

My 2 1/2 year old is

*potty trained

* can recite the alphabet

*can count to 20

* can count to 3 in spanish(thanks dora and diego)

*can say "help me" in spanish

*knows her colors

*can dance

*washes dishes

*can brush her teeth

*can count her fingers and toes

* can put her shoes on (still working on getting them on the right foot)

*can get herself washed up

*enjoys taking a shower more than a bath

*knows the words to, "Yes Jesus Loves Me"

*knows how to say grace

*sings %26amp; dance

*can identify her name %26amp; letters

*remembers everything

*talks alot clearly

*rides her tricycle

*learning how to skate

and I'm sure when I see her again today, she will have something new to show me.

What is your two year old doing?

my two year old (turned 2 on July 20) is:

Talking too much!

was fully potty trained at 1 1/2

can say the alphabet

can count to 20

can count to ten in spanish

can bathe and dress herself

puts her shoes on the right feet

begining letter and number recognition

knows some colors

her favorite color is purple

knows how to use the phone and the computer very well

loves to dance, flip and play ball

can recite her faith confession by herself(which is at least ten sentences long and half of the adults can't remember it)

She loves on everybody!

She enjoys being read to and singing

She looks at pictures in books and "reads" by making her own words to tell what the pictures are about.

I doubt very seriously that your kid is reading. Sometimes children remember stories that are read to them freqently so it seems that they are reading when actually they have memorized the story.

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