Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Am I wrong?

I am a stay at home mom to a 7 week old. My boyfriends kids came down for spring break. They are staying for 10 days. They are 15 ,12 and 7 years old. They do not pick up after themselves. The leave pop cans and dishes in th eliving room. Throw there towels an dclothes in bathroom floor when there is a laundry basket right there. The oldest 15 colored her hair and left hair and had hair color on th ecountertop and didnt even bother cleaning it up. They will not play outside so Its inpossible to clean and with a baby I need things organized. When I ask them to pick up there toys they throw a fit. The youngest 7 is having a problem with the baby. When I was pregnant she grabbed a knife an dtold me she was gonna kill me and the baby. Now she says she hates the baby and it scares me. I cook, clean, and pick up after them all day and take care of a baby. So because I am his Girlfriend does that make me responsible to watch them 24/7?

Am I wrong?

What does he think? Have you talked to him about that?

Since it's your house you have rights and deserve respect. If he doesn't agree with you on that, and then follows through with his kids, there's little you can do. Go and stay with a friend while they are there. Stay cool as a cucumber. Under no circumstances clean up their mess, even if it drives you crazy. I would especially honour the threat about killing you and your baby.

If your boyfriend does not see this as serious, I'm afraid life will always be difficult for you with him and you might have to think about getting out of there before serious harm is done, especially to your baby.

You are NOT responsible for his kids, and don't make it your business. Put this responsibility squarely into his lap and leave it there. You are, however, responsible for your child.

Take care!

Am I wrong?

No .Was there an arrangement for you to look after them?Legally they are not yours.Where is the mother?You need to have along talk with your boyfriend about maintaining some discipline. You are entitled to have a clean house and the kids father should be talking to them about tidying up.The kids are old enough to tidy up You need to dicuss the attitude of the youngest to your partner.

Am I wrong?

get your *** out of there as soon as possible

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