Thursday, October 8, 2009

Name this movie for me please?

OK here's as much as I remember.

1. A kid moves from California to live with his family in Wisconsin I think. His cousin is played by Seth Green.

2. The popular kids at school don't like guy in particular....but the guy's sister does like him!

3. He's really good at rollerblading.

4. In the end he helps them beat a rival group in a rollerblading competition.

5. Also in the movie, he plays in a hockey game with them.

6. Also Seth green has long hair in this movie, and he tries to be good at rollerblading but he sucks.

7. The main character always calls other guys "bras" instead of "bros"

Name this movie for me please?

That is the unforgettable movie called "Airborne." I saw this movie a million times as a kid. I had a little crush on the lead actor.

Name this movie for me please?

yeah it was airborne it had Jack Black in it...

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