Saturday, August 1, 2009

How am i emo?!?

emo...what the hell is it?

it's stereotyping the shy kids.

the sensitive kids who would rather write poetry and listen to the primitives and the creatures than go out and throw up my adolecent life.

i guess im one of the emo kids at school.

im new at school.

i have one friend

my best friend.

i wear black tights

and vintage dresses and cadigans

basically i dress like a 1940's lady with 60's sandie shaw hair, and occasionely wears her smiths and depeche mode shirts.


or am i just oblivious?

How am i emo?!?

Enjoy this bullsh*t kid, because when you grow up, your only real concern will be money. You'll either be making money cause you're rich, or spending money cause you poor.

How am i emo?!?

You know the emo questions are getting really old. The Emo trend is really old.

How am i emo?!?

Your not ,but don't pay attention to negative things people say about you. If you don't think your Emo then it doesn't really matter what others think.

How am i emo?!?

hey, whats so bad about being emo?

i understand what u mean about stereotyping

i have met a lot of emo kids when i was in high school, and they were really cool. i mean whats so wrong with keeping ur style? keep ur head up!

How am i emo?!?

Yeah, you're an emo.

How am i emo?!?

dont worry i tink emo is pretty cool

so dont worry what other ppl think


How am i emo?!?

Well you fit all the perceptions. You dress in goth-style clothing but rather than live a goth lifestyle you write poetry and listen to music about breaking up which, for crying out loud, does not need ten albums of crying to express.

I think you are oblivious. Sorry. But we critique the emo style because it rejects modern styles and practices without any good reason. Emo really rips off of goth style clothing and then tries and makes it deep by writing poetry that itself really just rips the style of romaticism era poets.

The disdainful part is that your style and activities portray a disdain for a society and culture that has yet to do you wrong, and if you actually were experiencing pain would be expressed in other ways that are, well, the way people express emotional pain.

All the black and vintage clothing would be worn by goths as a protest to modern commercialist style, however emo kids soak up Hawthorne Heights and stuff at "Vintage Stock" on their parents credit cards the same way preppy kids buy the latest albums from the latest boy-toy on MTV. Especially the Vintage Designer Clothing. Thats just bad taste: even those designers stopped designing that a decade ago. Modern emo designers are themselves ripping off of older-designs from what are established names.

Its this constant cycle of ripping from other trends and then selling it as "deep" that makes you sound like an evolution of the spoiled brat.

In other words, you are seen as a phony. A sad product of Alternative Music coming mainstream with Lollapalooza in 1991.

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