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Calling all Guinea Pig owners?

Anyone know how to find a Guinea Pig breeder in Southeast Wisconsin? Yes, I have googled it and, yes, I have looked in the paper so please don閳ユ獩 tell me to do that. Also, anyone know a lot about the little critters?

We are toying with the idea of getting the kids one for xmas, since they have been beggin for one for months - kids are 11 and 9. Are they good pets and exactly how friendly are they - are they social, do they get lonely and need a buddy in the cage with them. Since we plan to have them out of that cage a lot I would like to hear from people that have them and how they feel about them.

I like the ones that have the long crazy looking hair, what are those called?

Thanks for your help!!

Calling all Guinea Pig owners?

Long Haired guinea pigs need grooming every day - something children may get bored with easily. I have 2 male short haired piggies and 1 male rosetted piggy.

If you decide to get a male pig, then only get one. Mine have had to be split up as they get very territorial as they get older and start to fight. Male guineas are also much dirtier and need cleaning out more often. Female guinea pigs are much more sociable together and are much happier with a friend!

Guinea pigs are great pets for children. They don't scratch like rabbits and they will sit quietly once 'tamed'. They are also very friendly and relatively easy and enjoyable to look after.

As long as your children are commited to caring for their pets and learn more about them, then I think you should go for it!


Calling all Guinea Pig owners?

I raised a few guinea pigs when I was younger.

There are the short hair, curly hair, and long hair type.

The normal short hair are very easy to care for.

They are very friendly and do not bite like hamsters.

They do have to be treated with care and the pens need regular cleaning.

They like rolled oats, rabbit food, bread, vegetables.

Wood shavings make a good bedding for them.

A water bottle with a drinking spout works fine.

They whistle as a means of communication.

Yes- it only fair to the animal to have company.

Males will fight. So One of each or two females.

Also-they do run off. You might not be able to find them.

Have fun. But remember THEY NEED REGULAR CARE.

Calling all Guinea Pig owners?

For information regarding breeders and the type(s) of pigs available in the US - join a 4H group for more information or one of the many Yahoo groups.

There are many varieties of Longhair Cavy look at the pictures %26amp; decide which type you like. Guinea Pigs can be kept by themselves or in pairs, they dont always like sharing a cage, so be prepared to keep them in separate cages. They all have different personalities.

Our favorite breed is Abyssinian, they are very active

Calling all Guinea Pig owners?

Make sure you do major research before getting guinea pigs. If you had done any yet, you would already know they need a companion to be happy. I will give you some references and a good place to get a guinea pig, please don't buy, adopt. They need a large cage, at least 7.5 sq feet for the 2 of them. And wait until after christmas for the pets, animals are not presents that can be given. also, don't base your decision on looks, base it on what you think would be best for your family. Below I have given you many resources on guinea pigs, please read each and every link before even considering getting a guinea pig. For kids, I reccomend short haired guinea pigs, much easier on the care end, and I would reccomend females, less work in my opinion, the bores need thier grease glands cleaned, the penis' cleaned, and checked for impaction. Read EVERYTHING on those websites I listed, and remember, fresh veggies, timothy hay, and oxbow pellets daily. Also absolutely NO run about balls, yogurt drops, pet store cages. There is alot more to it then I could ever write here, remember, NO bread procucts, rabbit foor, rolled oats, and many othr things other people here have suggested. Also, no housing with rabbits, or any other animals, and no 2 males will not fight, I have 2 males housed together, they get along fine so long as you have proper housing which can be found at Also, be sure to read everything on those websites I gave you, and be sure to do in depth research on guinea pigs. If, after reading everything I have given you, you still want to take on this huge commitment, go for it. But be prepared, children quickly become bored and you will have to take over thier pet care duties. Go to to find cute piggies for adoption in your area and you'll probably find a pair you like. That's where I found my 2 boys. Good luck if you still decide to adopt a pair after all the info you read on those websites.

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